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Concept Art

This gallery contains concept artwork, designs, and storyboards pertaining to the handmaidens from Episode I. The drawings and sketches of handmaiden costumes and hairstyles were created by concept designer Ian McCaig. George Lucas wanted the people of Theed to dress in flowing and elegant costumes. For the romantic and peaceful society, McCaig and costume designer Trisha Biggar were inspired by Pre-Raphaelite work and a touch of art nouveau. The handmaiden costumes had to have an element of disguise since they were often used to hide the identity of those wearing them. The clothing was designed to conceal the person's shape, age, and features. For the hairstyles of the handmaidens, McCaig created lighter and less elaborate styles than those of the Queen.

Storyboards are used to help with pre-production and filming. The sketches are a shot-by-shot precursor to the finished film. Design director Doug Chiang aided Ian McCaig with the storyboards.

The Escape from Naboo Gown

First Battle Dress Design-Belts thought to be too constricting

Padmé Hairstyle based on a Hopi Indian style

Handmaiden Costume Design

Handmaiden Costume Design

Handmaiden Hair Design

Handmaiden Costume Design-Hides shape

Battle Dress-Finished Design

Handmaiden Hair Designs

Handmaiden Costume and Hair Design

Handmaiden Costume Design

Flame Gown-Initial Design

Handmaiden Costume Design

Sabé's Battle Gown Design

Handmaiden Costume Design

Yellow Throne Room Gown-Initial Design

Handmaiden Costume Design

Handmaiden Costume Design

Handmaiden Costume Designs

Meeting Boss Nass

My place is with my people.

Anakin can't count.

Meeting Boss Nass

Get to your ships!

We don't have time for this!

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